Claw Of Jawmag

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Claw Of Jawmag

Post by Dave on Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:15 am

Here are some screen shots of Jawmag.

This is where you will find him, in Frostgorge sound.

This is Him, your honor!

Pfft, first you have to pick up pact weapons, to break down his Ice barrier! Rolling Eyes

Once you have broken down his defenses... he flies off to a new location, about 2 minutes run west.

At this point he will surround himself with minions, and Ice towers (you can be trapped inside these ice prisons) Beware!

Keep a look out behind you AT ALL times! His minions will appear on the cliff tops, firing weapons at you.
Killing him takes about 50 players, 20-40 minutes to down him... have a drink and something to eat before you tackle Jawmag, it seems a lot longer than 40 minutes Sad

After you kill him, the massive reward chest is waiting, just behind his dead body! Wink

He is a scary piece of work (for want of a better word) Evil or Very Mad he downed me more than a few times, Frustrating to say the least... I was happy there were about 100 players there, to help res` me. Smile

This is the reward I received, my inventory was empty before I went to frostgorge sound. I have 100 slots, just look at the trash he dropped.

Please note; everything in my last 2 invisible boxes, were there already, my alternate weapons, armor and buffs.... Smile


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