Guild wars 2 Multi-launch.

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Guild wars 2 Multi-launch. Empty Guild wars 2 Multi-launch.

Post by Dave on Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:53 am

Is there such a thing as a Multi-launch for Guild wars 2, as there once were one for Guild wars 1?

I need to run 2 Accounts, one for my existing "Lestat Torn Prince" account, and then one for my old "Ghostrider Necro" account.

If There is such a thing, I would like it to gain more storage, mainly.

Then again, I would like to experiment with Gold / Green item finds... I have noticed, If I play my Lestat character, which wares light armor.
When, I obtain a drop... 90% of the time I receive a Medium, or heavy piece. Sad

Also, with the new system of Salvaging Blue/green and gold items for luck, it may come in handy to have another Account to store Rare/Exotic items in one place, rather than filling up one bank, or another character on the main account.

For example; I have been known to sell an Exotic piece of armor, because I did bot have space on the character I was playing on... Only to find that my Alternate character could have used it! Evil or Very Mad I guess same goes for materials you have salvaged, once you reach 250 of any Material, you have to put the remaining 75 in the bank.... This fills up valuable space, on one account!

So, if anyone has a link to a Guild wars 2 Multi-launch, Please can you post it below............ I will be installing it / using it as soon as I get my new account up and running, watch this space for screen shots. Smile

Thanks in advance.

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