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Post by Dave on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:04 pm

Hey Guys, I have found a boring way to make some gold, and greatly help with this months Achievements.

In Queendale, kill the Champions in Rotation; Troll - Bandit - Oak - Spider - (check on Wasp) - Boar.

Troll - Vale waypoint.
Bandit - North east from Vale waypoint, up through caves.
Oak -  North west of Phinney waypoint.
Spider - North of Krytan waypoint, behind the hunting lodge.

check on, Wasp - directly west of hunting lodge

Boar - North of Hunting lodge. (you can start Boar pre by speaking to Lodgemaster npc in the hunting lodge.)

From the Champion`s Chests you get things like embroided purses and Fallen Backpacks. in these you find Skill point scrolls, weapons and armor.

Today I found this... a "Beacon of Light" it`s an Exotic Axe. ;o) well worth the messing about, and boredom.

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