Rules of this forum.

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Rules of this forum. Empty Rules of this forum.

Post by Dave on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:56 am

Hi and welcome to the "Darkside of the Moon"

Rules are as follows :-

There is NO FLAMING (personal attacks, blatant insulting) of fellow members or staff. No unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, racial and/or ethnic slurs; hateful content; or otherwise objectionable material.

Treat others, as you wish to be treated yourself...

Pointing out mistakes in spelling or grammar do not need to be made.

Please keep posts in their proper forum, If post topic changes, start a new thread.

Outside advertising is for site Sponsors only, this includes links to direct members to other sites in direct competition. Any other ads or spam will be deleted.

Should anyone actively seeks to recruit members from this site for any other site in direct competition they will receive an automatic 7day ban which will then be reviewed.

The for sale area (coming soon) is for actively participating site members, and is limited to those who have more than 10 posts

Moderators are appointed on an "as needed" basis. If you are interested in becoming a *Darkside of the Moon* forum moderator, send me an email for consideration.

All Darkside of the Moon Moderators and Administrators are all volunteers and are here to help make the site better. If you have a problem with a moderator or any other user bring it to the attention of myself, or any other Admin.

The staff of this site all work on their free time to keep the site work safe and keep order for everyone.
Anyone who decides not to abide by the rules will be banned for 7days then if they continue, could receive permanent ban depending on the severity of the problem.

Keep it as clean as poss, NO PORN or I will remove it

that`s it

enjoy... cheers

Rules of this forum. Cooltext1012740605

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