Happy April fools day!

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Happy April fools day!  Empty Happy April fools day!

Post by Dave on Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:51 am

Right, I collected 500 baubles... from checking the map, and opening chests scattered around Queensdale, killing the monkeys and snakes.
I then went to Rata Sum, in the north west corner you find a guy called "Moto" He will exchange 250 baubles for a compressed Bubble of baubles.
You need 3 Compressed Bubble baubles and 1 Gold, to receive a weapon skin... An 8 bit weapon skin Shocked
So, in all you need to collect 750 Baubles and 1 gold. There are other things to exchange these "baubles" for, but I wanted to rant about Weapon skins...

Pants, pants, pants... That what I thought about the idea.

I then went throught the portal near Moto, used a coin vending machine then entered the door behind him and this is what I found in there.

Happy April fools day!  Image1sq

Happy April fools day!  Image2ke

Happy April fools day!  Image3ls

Happy April fools day!  Image4mei

I have not got any further, as I thought I`d better post this, first! to let you guys see what was going on in the world of yet another Gold sink, and a distraction to the real game. Pants skins, waste of silver/gold transporting yourself around the map to get to the chests before everyone else get the baubles.
Ok, I know the game is pegi 12, but come on... back to the days of Super Mario :p 8 bit collectables... Really! Rolling Eyes

So, it April fools... woopeedoo!!! Come on GW`s/Anet, what about an easter bunny mini pet or something worth fighting for?

I SPENT about 25 silver, chasing the chests all over Queensdale for this...? LOL back to farming the cursed shore, me thinks.... oh, hang on PLINX is up, better go!!!

Good luck guys - have fun, see you on the Darkside. 😉

Happy April fools day!  Cooltext1012740605

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