Crafting 250 Omnomberry bars

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Crafting 250 Omnomberry bars

Post by Dave on Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:45 am

The recipe need to make 250 Omnomberry bars is:

125 Omnomberry compote
125 Bowl of bakers`s Dry
125 Bowl of bakers`s Wet.

To make the Omnomberry Compote you need:125 Omnomberries and 125 Bags of sugar.
The bowl of baker`s dry: 125 Flour, 125 baking powder, 125 Salt and 125 Sugar.
The bowl of baker`s wet: 125 buttermilk (Karma) 125 Sticks of butter, 125 eggs and 125 Vanilla beans.

Then you have to place these in the Cooking Station, to create the 3 main ingredients.

I started off with 10 Gold, and as you can see...
the cost of making the 250 Omnomberry bars from scratch, is around 7 Gold plus a little Karma. Wink

This all adds up to a 2.75 Gold saving on the Black lion trading post... Or if you want to sell them, nearly a 3 Gold profit Smile


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