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Post by Dave on Thu May 02, 2013 6:23 am

Ok, I found this easy farm in Presearing.

I noticed players were selling Red Iris Flowers for 5.5k per stack, in Ascalon.

Extortion! I thought, there must be an easy way to find these Nicholas Sandford items, you see: I needed 50 flowers for a Dragon scalp design, for my Pre` monk. and a further 50 for a small equipment pack.
And maybe, I could pick up another 250 to sell Wink

I looked on wiki, I found this...

First, I start just outside Ashford Abbey. Holding down the left ALT button, I look north into the Worm field, there is normally 1 Iris flower there, If there isn`t, I head south into Ashford village, still holding down the Left ALT. There is ALWAYS one here!

After picking the Iris flower I map back to Ashford Abbey, and repeat the process again... Doing this I can make around 60~100 Iris`s per hour. Very Happy I have just farmed 81 in 55 minutes Very Happy

So, here it is; the easiest and quickest farm, 30~40 seconds. Depending on your speed mapping in and out of Ashford.

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