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Post by Dave on Thu May 02, 2013 7:51 am

This guide I have written is to help direct you through the content of the Nightfall Campaign as a new character, whether you are an experienced player or playing your first character. The guide is written from the prospective of playing with only Heroes and henchmen in your party if you need the help. But you can certainly group with other players; it is a massively multiplayer game after all.

You have the leisure to choose whatever class you think you would enjoy most, whether it is one of the new classes (Dervish or Paragon) or one of the originals.

When you start the Nightfall campaign you have the option to go through a tutorial. For first time players it is a very informative and handy quest to go through. For those of you who have played the game to any great extent previous to this expansion it is rather long and drawn out feeling. So luckily they gave a shortcut option for people who don’t want to live through the tutorial.

The tutorial is great for first time players, but if you know your way around the game then you are going to want to take the short cut.

The shortcut is very easy; there are only two enemies that you have to fight. Regardless of which quest you decide to take the reward is 2,000 experience points.

Chahbek Village

Once you are inside of Chahabek Village talk to First Spear Jahdugar. Complete your quest and you will be given a new quest:

- First Spear Jahdugar – “Quiz the Recruits” – Talk to the recruits in camp.
-- Rewards: 250 experience.

Then go speak to the Sunspear Recruit and inquire about “Quiz the Recruits”. Go around the square and talk to the other two Recruits and hear what they have to say. Return back to First Spear Jahdugar to complete the quest. Before you accept the mission, turn around and talk to Jibehr for this quest:

- Jibehr – “Never Fight Alone” – Recruit a henchman into your party.
-- Rewards: 250 experience, 25 gold.

Recruit any henchman that you want, healers are always handy, then talk to Jibehr again to complete the quest.

Talk to Jahdugar again to start the mission.

Save Chahbek Village

You can start off by going either left or right once you go down the hill. On either side your objective is to clear the entire area. On the left side you will encounter a boss by the name of Midshipman Bennis at the end. He is level 4 and not too difficult to over come. When you defeat any boss you will gain a two percent Morale Boost (increases your health and energy by 2%). On the right side you will encounter three groups of two at the end. Just be patient and wait for them to break apart. One group will walk over to the left side; another to the right and one will come to the bridge. Take care of the ones closest to you then go after the other groups. When you are finished clearing each side head to the middle of the area. Take down the two Corsairs at the catapults then head west towards the gate. Kill the three enemies near the gate then pick up a barrel of Istani Fire Oil. Run it up to either of the catapults, use it by clicking on the lever to load it then click on it again to fire the catapult. You will get the two percent Morale Bonus again for destroying the ship. Return to the pile of barrels and grab another Fire Oil and use it on the other catapult. After you destroy both ships the mission is completed.

Churrhir Fields

Speak with First Spear Dehvad to get the quest:

- First Spear Dehvad - “Primary Training” - Run around the area until you find all of the Experts of your profession to get all of your basic skills.
-– Rewards: 250 Experience, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points and a Battle Commendation.

Feel free to try out your skills on the practice dummies to get a feeling for area of effect skills.

Speak with Dehvad again and get the quest:

- First Spear Dehvad - “Honing your Skills” – You must reach level 5 then return to Dehvad.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 250 gold, 10 Sunspear Promotion Points.

Then run over and speak to Second Spear Binah to get inside Kamadan.


Inside this main city there are several quests for you to pick up. I will list all the ones that you can currently pick up from where you enter the city going in a circle from the left side around to the right.

- Nenah (Collector) – “Need More Stuff” – Collect 2 Juvenile Termite Legs.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 50 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, Battle Commendation, Belt Pouch

- Chorben (Weapons) – “Quality Steel” – Take the sword he gives you to Castellan Puuba at Sunspear Greathall.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 20 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, 2 Iron ingots, 2 Wood planks

- Kahlim (Material Trader) – “Material Girl” – Find his Daughter Pelei on the Plains of Jarin. Then defeat 10 Killer Iboga.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 100 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, Battle Commendation

- Mehinu (Armor) – “Armored Transport” – Find Dengo on the Plains of Jarin and escort him to Sunspear Greathall.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 20 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, Battle Commendation, 2 Tanned hides, 2 Bolts of cloth

- Shatam (Merchant) – “Identity Theft” – Go to Champion’s Dawn and talk to Kupekanu.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 50 gold, 10 Sunspear Promotion Points, Identify Kit, Battle Commendation

- Xunlai Agent Jueh – “A Personal Vault” – Talk to one of the Xunlai Agents and open a storage account.
-- Rewards: 500 experience and a place to store extra gear.

Before you head out to the Plains of Jarin make sure you take the time to look over all of your skills and organize them the way that you feel most comfortable with. The same goes for Koss. You have full control over his skills and attributes as well as his weapon and off hand item.

Now leave the city and go in to the Plains of Jarin.

Plains of Jarin

As soon as you load into the area you will see a Sunspear Scout. Talk to him and ask about bounties. Take the bounty he has for killing plants, it will help you level up faster and get your Sunspear Title Track up faster. You can get this bounty each time you come out on the Plains of Jarin. It gives you double experience from killing plants and gives you one Sunspear Promotion Point for each plant killed.

To the north you will see Dengo and to the southwest you find Royal Chef Hatundo. Talk to Hatundo first and get the quest:

- Royal Chef Hatundo – “Feast of Bokka” – Collect 2 Iboga Petals, 2 Skale Fins and 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh then take each to different chef/collectors in various cities.
-- Rewards: 1,500 experience, 450 gold.

Now go and talk to Dengo to start the quest "Armored Transport". Along the way he will stop periodically to catch his breath so if you get in a fight he won’t be too far away. There is an event triggered where you have to fight off 4 Corsairs and Dengo will likely run on with out you. He will eventually stop outside the Sunspear Greathall.

Once you are outside the Greathall there are a couple of quests to grab.

- Mauban – “Map-travel Inventor” – Map-travel back to Kamadan and talk to Alekaya.
-- Rewards: 250 experience, 50 gold

- Nehduka – “Hog Hunt” – Find an Impressive Warthog for Nehduka to tame.
-- Rewards: 1,000 experience, 100 gold, 10 Sunspear Promotion Points.

I would suggest going back and doing the “Material Girl” quest. Be aware that right near Pelei there is a boss named Suneh Stormbringer that is level 5 and has 3-6 level 1 minions named Stormseed Jacaranda in the general area.

Kill any Juvenile Termites that you come across while doing quests in this area to get the 2 legs you need for “Need more Stuff”.

Talk to Pelei to update “Material Girl”. Once you kill the 10 Killer Iboga talk to Pelei to update the quest again. Now take Nehduka northwest and do the “Hog Hunt” quest. When Nehduka starts taming the Impressive Warthog there will be 3-4 mandragors spawning just beside you. Take them out and escort Nehduka back to Sunspear Greathall. Once you are back to the outside of the Greathall talk to Nehduka to complete the quest.

Now you should head inside the Sunspear Greathall.

Sunspear Greathall

Talk to Castellan Puuba and update “Quality Steel” but don’t leave yet.

While you are in the Greathall there are some other quests to pick up:

- Sehti – “Suwash the Pirate” – Find and defeat 4 groups of Corsair Raiders then talk to Suwash.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 50 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points.

- Poturi – “Proof of Courage” – Meet Poturi out side on the Plains of Jarin, then defeat 10 Corsairs.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 50 gold, 10 Sunspear Promotion Points.

- Runduk (Sunspear Rank Officer) – “Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant” – Gain the title of Master Sergeant then talk to Runduk again.
-- Rewards: 2,000 experience, 15 Attribute Points.

- Shaurom – “A Hidden Threat” – Follow Elonbel along the western riverbanks.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 50 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points.

After you grab all of the quests, sell stuff and salvage anything you need to, head back out to the Plains of Jarin.

Plains of Jarin

When you go down the steps try to go around the left side of Castellan Puuba so that the quest doesn’t update. You will want to clear the area out between where you are down towards the south to southwest area so that Castellan won’t agro everything. Now go back and run near Castellan and Poturi to update the quests “Quality Steel” and “Proof of Courage”. Activate “Proof of Courage” and go down towards the area you just cleared out.

While you have Castellan Puuba as a temporary ally go and do the “Proof of Courage” quest, since he will hang around for the exact amount of kills that you need for “Quality Steel” doing this quest. There are ten Corsairs here that you have to dispatch; you can easily pull the first group of four as long as you tell your Hero and any henchmen to stay back. Then clear out the remaining Corsairs. “Quality Steel” will update as well “Proof of Courage”, talk to Poturi on the riverbank to complete “Proof of Courage”.

Next you should start on the quest “Suwash the Pirate” since it starts right next to where you are standing. On this quest you have to take down four different groups of Corsairs, none of them are very difficult until the last group. The last group is still relatively easy if you take out the level 6 Iboga first. After all of the Corsairs are dead, go talk to Suwash to update the quest. Since you are right near the entrance go ahead and go into Champion’s Dawn.

Champion’s Dawn

There isn’t a whole lot to pick up in here. If you have managed to collect 2 Iboga Petals go ahead and turn them into Chef Volon, if not keep in mind where he is and what he needs. Talk to Kupekanu (Merchant) and update the quest “Identity Theft”. The only quest to currently pick up in this are is:

- Mofuun – “Scholarly Affairs” – Speak with Zerai the Learner on the Cliffs of Dohjok.
-- Rewards: 250 experience, 50 gold, 10 Sunspear Promotion Points, Battle Commendation.

After you grab that quest go ahead and map-travel to Kamadan.


Time to turn in all of these quests that you have completed. At this point you should have completed the following quests that turn in here in Kamadan: “Need more Stuff”, “Map-Travel Inventor”, “Quality Steel”, “Material Girl”, “Armored Transport” and finally after turning all of those in you should be level 5 now, so turn in “Honing Your Skills” as well. If you don’t have 2 Juvenile Termite Legs for “Need more Stuff” you can either go back out and farm for them or trade with other players for them. Also you may have picked up a Chunk of Drake Flesh while you were out, if so go ahead and turn that into Chef Lonbahn. If you haven’t found any don’t worry, just remember what you need and where it turns in.

After turning everything in pick up a few new quests:

- First Spear Dehvad - “Secondary Training” – Speak with experts in other professions than your primary then return to Dehvad.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 200 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, Battle Commendation

- First Spear Dehvad – “Command Training” – Talk to Tactician Haj about controlling your Hero.
-- Rewards: 250 experience, 125 gold.

- Kailona – “Missing Shipment” – Find the missing shipment of ink in the Plains of Jarin.
-- Rewards: 500 experience, 100 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, Battle Commendation, Rune of Minor Vigor.

After you are finished with your business in Kamadan go talk to Second Spear Binah and return to Churrhir Fields. Go speak to whatever experts you want to about the skills, then find Tactician Haj in Chahbek Village to the east. Speak to him about “Command Training” and go through the tutorial about moving your party remotely. Once you are finished with that return to First Spear Dehvad again and complete “Secondary Training” and “Command Training”.

Now get the quest:

- First Sunspear Dehvad – “Leaving a Legacy” – Find Quarrymaster Bohanna in Champion’s Dawn.
-- Rewards: 2,000 experience, Dunkoro joins your party, 125 gold, 20 Sunspear Promotion Points.

Head back in to Kamadan and grab any supplies you need and sort out your new skills to your liking. Once you are ready to move on map-travel to Sunspear Greathall.

Sunspear Greathall

Turn in the quest “Suwash the Pirate” and if you have gotten enough Promotion Points to get to Master Sergeant turn in “Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant” then pick up:

- Runduk (Sunspear Rank Officer) – “Rising in the Ranks: First Spear”
-- Rewards: 2,000 experience, 15 Attribute Points.

If you haven’t completed that quest then I would recommend going out and getting the Plant Bounty and farming Iboga until you get the required number of Promotion Points.

There are also 2 Sunspear Quartermasters to talk to and trade your Battle Commendations in for other items of interest.

You can get each of these for 1 Battle Commendation: Istani Key, Identification Kit, Salvage Kit, Hunter’s Ale, Bag, Vial of Dye (Gray), Scroll of Adventurer’s Insight (Gives you +50% experience per kill for 10 minutes)

You can get these items for 3 Battle Commendations: Rune of Holding (Increases the size of a bag from 5 slots to 10), Expert Salvage Kit.

I suggest going ahead and picking up 2 bags while you are in here.

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