Battlefield 4 - coming soon!

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Battlefield 4 - coming soon! Empty Battlefield 4 - coming soon!

Post by Dave on Fri May 10, 2013 4:41 am

Supposed to be released summer 2013.

It`s looking good.

This is what makes you want a game, good graphics draws you into game. The good story line keeps you playing it.


Now, that`s what I don`t understand about World of Warcraft players, who rave about WoW.

I tried WoW and the Graphics are dated, but the game play... well, for me it has to be good graphics, and good gameplay.
So, I will not bore you with what I thought about World of Warcraft.

Perhaps one day I`ll sit down with a a beer, and rant on about World of Warcraft v`s other MMO`s

However, for now all I will say is; It`s not for me!

Battlefield 4 - coming soon! Cooltext1012740605

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Battlefield 4 - coming soon! Empty Re: Battlefield 4 - coming soon!

Post by StalkerII on Sun May 19, 2013 2:55 am

WoW is an old game, for it's time it had good graphics with unique animation style and decent FPS rate.

Anyways, BF4 is going to be great as BF3. But I think they should have aimed at other projects to learn what else they could do to make BF4 different from BF3

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