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Post by Dave on Wed May 15, 2013 6:50 am

The Secret of Southsun

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The refugees from Flame & Frost who were resettled at Southsun Cove are up in arms over the restrictive residency contracts that prevent them from leaving. Tensions are high, and settlers are brawling with Consortium guards. What's worse, the island's local wildlife has been agitated and is even more aggressive and territorial than usual. The Lionguard's Inspector Kiel has been charged with quelling the violence so it doesn't interfere with the upcoming Dragon Bash festival in Lion's Arch. Kiel takes her job seriously, so she'll need help from players and Researcher Levvi to keep everyone on the island safe from the local wildlife and each other.

Southsun Cove

   The Consortium has created a new exotic resort for those looking to get away for a while. Lord Faren and Lady Kasmeer are currently there on vacation.
   New settlements have been created for refugees coming in from Lion's Arch.
   Animals on Southsun Cove are becoming increasingly aggressive.
   Settlers and tourists have wandered too far from the camps and need assistance getting back to safety.
   Researcher Levvi is looking for brave adventurers to help survey the island and recover samples to determine the cause of the native creatures' increased aggression.
   Tensions between settlers and Consortium members have led to confrontation that may require mediation.
   The new Crab Toss activity is now available at Sawtooth Bay in Southsun Cove. Players can win karka shells, passiflora, tonics, and more.
   Southsun Supply Crates will drop rarely from creatures during the Secret of Southsun event. These crates contain Southsun crafting materials and a chance at a wide variety of items, such as shoulder skins, new boosts and convenience items, and a rare chance at new weapon skins and minis. Southsun Supply Crates can also be purchased from the Black Lion Trading Company (see below for more info).
   Blooming Passiflora are now growing on the island.
   The larger veteran and champion karka now have a guaranteed drop chance for karka shells upon defeat.
   All players who enter the island for the duration of the event are scaled up to level 80. This content is available from May 14 to June 11.

Guild Content

   Six Guild Trek locations have been added to Southsun Cove.


   Added new living world achievements to Southsun Cove: "Consortium Rewards Club Member," "Southsun Settler Supporter," "Southsun Sightseer," "Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork," "Southsun VIP Meet and Greet," and more.
   Added new achievements for Crab Toss activity: "Crab Toss Participant," "Crab-Carrying Competitor," "Crabtacular!," "Crabgrabber," and "Crab Toss Champion."
   Players who complete 25 of the Secret of Southsun achievements will earn the "Southsun Stalwart" meta-achievement. This achievement awards players with a Sclerite Karka Shell back item and the title of "Southsun Stalwart." The Southsun Stalwart meta-achievement covers the entire event's content, some of which is not accessible until the next release.
   A new title, "Crab Toss Champion," has been added for players who win a game of Crab Toss.
   A new title, "Crabgrabber," has been added for players who steal 100 crabs during games of Crab Toss.

While you are on Southsun Cove you will find your magic find/Gold find is massively increased!!!
Depends on which NPC you talk to, to what buff you get... (apparently)

This is with my normal, Hp / toughness and power armor
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And this is with my farming armor...
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